Pre-Listing Home Prep Checklist

Dated: 07/06/2020

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___ Launder curtains

___ Interior Doors

___ Deep clean bathrooms and kitchen

___ Wash walls

___ Wash baseboards (use a magic eraser for this)

___ Launder all sheets and bed linens

___ Dust art and shelving

___ Wash range hood

___ Wash Fridge and Freezer inside and out

___ Wash Window Ledges

___ Dust all lighting

___ Have carpets professionally cleaned

___ Dust and wash all vent covers and air returns

___ Wash all windows inside and out—you’ll be  
       amazed at how much brighter your house looks.

___ Wash down kitchen cabinets

___ Doorknobs

___ Switch plates (these tend to gather fingerprints)



___ Make sure all bulbs work and replace where
        needed—they should all be the same color

___ Replace Air filters (this will significantly cut down   
       on the dust in your house, too!)

___ Remove large family portraits on walls. (Smaller
       photos are usually fine). You can leave the wall  
       bare or replace it with a mirror / wall décor.)

___ If there’s a dark corner, a mirror hung will help  
       bounce light and make the area feel larger.

___ Lamps will help a room feel cozier! Before a 
       showing, turn on EVERY light and lamp in the

Patch / Paint / Caulk

___ If there are any cracks in the baseboards,
       re-caulk and touch up paint 

___ Remove spare nails/screws in walls, patch
       and paint

___ Re-caulk countertops, tubs, showers, fixtures,
       etc. (anywhere needed)

___ Caulk built-in cabinetry (if needed)

___ Repaint or touch up doors and woodwork

___ Touch up ceiling paint



___ Clean out window wells

___ Store water hoses and other misc items

___ Arrange outdoor furniture. If there is an
       umbrella, open it.

___ Pressure wash deck/patio

___ Pressure wash garage

___ Lay a fresh doormat

___ Weed garden beds

___ Lay fresh mulch in garden beds

___ Fresh flowers for porch planters


___ Bookcases so there’s breathing room. Eliminate
       small knickknacks, focus on larger décor pieces
       and books.

___ Clothes Closets. Remove clothing that no longer
        fits, you no longer love or are worn out and
       donate. If closets still look overstuffed, pack away
       seasonal clothes in storage bins so closets appear
       more spacious.

___ Organize and declutter pantry and fridge/freezer

___ Coat Closet. Weed out unnecessary items.
        Donate outerwear and bags to make closet
       appear more spacious

___ Declutter storage areas and closet. Just
        because you can (and do) pack it full,
        potential buyers will want to see how much
       space is available. If it’s a storage area with
       shelves, be sure there is nothing left on the
       floor (that could signify there’s not enough
       shelf space. If it’s an open closet (like under
       the stairs)—shoot for half empty.

___ Furnace Room

___ Linen Closet

___ Declutter Playroom. Pack away large toys that
       are normally left out. Bag up stuffed animals
       and any toys that do not fit into a designated
       toy closet or storage system. This is a great
       time to purge toys.

___ Declutter surfaces. Counters. Dressers.
       Minimal is best.

___ All Floor space—No excessive baskets, toys,
        books, hampers, or clutter.


___ Property Survey (and floorplan if you have it)

___ Previous Inspections and Other Reports

___ Repair / Remodeling Receipts

___ Warranty Information and Instruction

___ Utility Cost List for the Last 6 Months

___ HOA Documentation (if applicable)



___ Store excess furniture in a storage unit. Only
       furniture needed to define a room should

___ Remove collections and at least half of your  

___ Pack away outdated décor and linens.

___ Remove countertop appliances and utensils.

___ Remove 90% of the items on all surfaces.


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