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Dated: March 31 2021

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If you’ve been following AHS sports you’ve likely heard of AHS Baseball Pitcher Rawley Hector.  I’d heard mention of him and the great job he’s doing pitching for the Anna Coyotes baseball team,  In an interview with his father, Coach Joey Hector who is also the AHS baseball coach, I learned some interesting things about this remarkable young man.

So far Rawley Hector has had quite a baseball career.  He’s played baseball practically all his life and been a starting  pitcher much of the time.  As a result of his hard work, commitment to baseball and dedication to becoming the best he can be he has quite a list of accomplishments. Just a few of those include being Pre-Season All American, 1st Team All State and he’s pitched for USA teams playing in the following countries: Panama in 2014, Columbia in 2015 and S. Korea in 2017.

Rawley knows disappointment as well but clearly understands how to push through it.  On February 13, 2020 he blew out his ACL. Repair without surgery was attempted, he was cleared to play on May 19, 2020 then again sustained injury resulting in surgery on June 19, 2020. He was told it would be a 9 month recovery after surgery before he could play again. But Rawley had other aspirations and was not deterred. Due to his work ethic and commitment to his rehabilitation Rawley diligently powered through his physical therapy. Only 6 months later, on December 23, he was cleared to play.  He hadn’t pitched in 17 months but his hard work paid off and he re-emerged demonstrating his continued competency on the mound.

That competency has attracted the attention of at least 26 major league scouts who all showed up at one Anna Coyotes Baseball game to watch Rawley pitch.  Not a surprise since he’s been clocked at 91mph.  The day I visited with Rawley’s father he had just gotten off the phone with the Marlins.  Tampa Bay and others are also in hot pursuit.  But unless the major leagues offer a deal that can’t be refused, Rawley is headed to Texas A&M…a dream since boyhood. An interesting aspect of Rawley playing at A&M is that Rawley’s father, Coach Joey Hector, played baseball at Arkansas State under the same coach who will coach Rawley at A&M.

Speaking of Rawley’s father, I asked Coach Hector about the dynamics of coaching a high school baseball team where his own son is a star pitcher. He said it is both extremely difficult and extremely rewarding.  Coach Hector loves spending time with Rawley as his coach because he is such a hard worker. But there is definitely an added stress level.  He treats Rawley just like everyone else on the team. Nothing is given, everything is earned. Because Rawley is a high profile player there are those who love it when he fails which is disappointing and a sad commentary on those people (note: the disappointing/sad commentary are not his words…he just mentioned some love to see Rawley fail).  Rawley’s teammates know he has talent because they’ve seen him work for it. He is a grinder, a perfectionist and he’s had to work hard to accomplish what he has achieved. They’ve seen his work ethic.  Especially on those occasions when he doesn’t have such a good game. Some team mates actually feel for him when he doesn’t play to the level he requires of himself because he stays after everyone else goes home to attack those things that impaired his performance. He is harder on himself than anyone else. He also has the ability to focus to shut out distractions. That was evident recently on the day his grandfather passed away.  That night Rawley pitched a no-hitter.

Rawley with his family after a baseball game.

As I was leaving the interview Coach Hector pointed to a young man and said, ‘that’s one of Rawley’s friends.’  As the door closed behind Coach Hector I asked the young man about Rawley. Since the coach had already left the response I received was genuine and not a performance for Rawley’s dad. The young man replied, “He’s a nice guy.”  “He gives good advice.”  “He’s a really nice guy.” Pretty impressive that there was not a word about Rawley’s ‘celebrity’ status as an AHS star pitcher being pursued by major league scouts. More important and predominant in his friend’s assessment of Rawley was Rawley’s character. That’s a pretty high endorsement of anyone…star baseball player or not.

If you’re interested in some of Rawley’s baseball stats visit this website.   

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